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Saving Money Using Ebates

Many people have heard of the site Ebates and it has the people saying “what is Ebates?”, “is Ebates a scam?” that got me searching for the answer. So I put on my private investigator costume and decided to see what Ebates is all about. So what is Ebates? Ebates is basically an online shopping […]

Making Deals And Saving Money Online

The good part of today’s challenging economy is that many businesses are jumping on the coupon bandwagon and offering great online coupons and deals to be used in their web stores and brick-and-mortar shops. Many companies have started deal of the day websites that allow you to save money while making deals online. However, with […]

Finding Savings and Special Offers on

By now, you’ve probably about all the savings that can come when you use coupons. After all, there are even TV shows depicting couponers saving big on their grocery bill. Have you ever wondered how you can get in on this couponing craze? Do you want to save money on the things you would buy […]

Say I Love You With Less Money

Photo credit: Wikipedia Say I Love You With Less Money, Gifts are commonplace in many relationships. From birthdays to anniversaries, you may feel as if money is constantly being spent on a significant other. While you may enjoy showering a loved one with gifts to show your affection, you may not love the effect those gifts […]

Saving Money At Theme Parks

  Photo credit: Wikipedia Theme parks are great family vacation destinations. From kid’s rides to water parks for the entire family, there is often something for everyone to enjoy at a theme park. While theme parks bring excitement, they also often put strain on a family’s budget. So why start saving money at theme parks. […]

Restaurant Coupon Etiquette

Finding a coupon for your favorite restaurant might be thrilling and exciting, but those emotions can be quickly overshadowed if you don’t know how to use that coupon. Accidentally engaging in improper restaurant coupon etiquette can turn a happy occasion into an embarrassing and awkward situation. Luckily, these types of situations can be avoided. Image […]

Should You Give A Coupon As A Gift?

Photo credit: ralphhogaboom Giving gifts while on a budget can be stressful. While you may have limited gift giving to only immediate family members, you may still be short on the funds needed to buy presents. This may be leading you to look for creative ways of giving without going into debt. One option that […]

Worst Scenarios To Run Out Of Deodorant: Personal Care Coupons

    We’ll let you in on a little secret. You know those people who have an extensive collection of deodorant sitting on their bathroom shelf because they stocked up using coupons and other discounts? While it might look as if these people are extremely OCD about their personal hygiene, the truth is they don’t […]

Using So You Don’t Miss Out

Picture it. In an effort to score the deal of the century at your favorite online retailer, you plop yourself down in front of the computer and vow to refresh until you get that deal. However, after spending hours in front of the computer clicking the refresh button on your favorite website, you decide to […]

No Tears For Baby, No Tears for My Bank Account: Baby and Toddler Coupons

    Babies are such a blessing in life. It’s so wonderful to cuddle them, care for them and watch them grow. However much we love these little bundle of joys, they sure are expensive! There’s food, clothing, toys and diapers, just to name a few. Plus, as the babies grow older, those material needs […]