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Should You Give A Coupon As A Gift?

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Giving gifts while on a budget can be stressful. While you may have limited gift giving to only immediate family members, you may still be short on the funds needed to buy presents. This may be leading you to look for creative ways of giving without going into debt. One option that some consider is giving coupons as gifts.

When to Give Coupons

Giving coupons as a sole gift to someone typically isn’t considered proper gifting etiquette. However, it is appropriate to accompany a coupon with presents like gift cards. For example, if you purchase a gift card from a clothing store and are given a coupon along with that gift card, you can include the coupon with the gift card when giving it to the recipient.

While coupons aren’t typically appropriate to give as the only present for important holidays, you can give them as thoughtful gestures to others. If you find a coupon for your friend’s favorite retail store, mail the coupon to that friend with a greeting card. This will be a memorable gesture and will offer value for the recipient.

Sharing with Others

While only specific occasions are appropriate for giving coupons as gifts, sharing the coupons you find with others is always appropriate. When you find coupons online, share the links to those coupons with friends and family. Also, when you discover valuable rewards websites such as RewardIt, pass along word to others who will also benefit from visiting the site.

Giving on a Budget

Giving on a budget isn’t easy but it can be done. The following are tips for lowering your gift giving costs:

  • Shop with coupons – By finding coupons and shopping for presents with those coupons, you can minimize the cost of each present. Coupons are offered daily online, in newspapers and in many other locations.
  • Make homemade gifts – Homemade gifts are appropriate to give for many holidays. From homemade treats to purses and more, gifts made by you will be more meaningful and will likely be lower in cost than retail alternatives.

A tight budget can make each gift purchase seem like a fortune. However, by using coupons effectively and by getting creative with your gift giving, you can continue giving without the financial stress.

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July 10th, 2012

Lauren Garrison


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