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Restaurant Coupon Etiquette

Finding a coupon for your favorite restaurant might be thrilling and exciting, but those emotions can be quickly overshadowed if you don’t know how to use that coupon. Accidentally engaging in improper restaurant coupon etiquette can turn a happy occasion into an embarrassing and awkward situation. Luckily, these types of situations can be avoided.

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Following the proper restaurant coupon etiquette is essential to keeping the thrill and excitement about saving money alive, and it helps you to prevent awkward and embarrassing dining mishaps. If you are unfamiliar with restaurant coupon etiquette, here are some of the most basic things you should know.

Ask Before Ordering

Proper restaurant coupon etiquette asks that you inquire with the server if the coupon is valid. Occasionally restaurants will place limitations on when a coupon can be used, or what can be ordered. In an effort to avoid an embarrassing situation where your coupon is turned down, ask the server if it is okay to use it with your meal.

Present the Coupon before Asking for the Bill

It is essential to present the coupon to the server before asking for the bill. This not only saves time, but it prevents the server from having to go in the back and create a new bill for you. When politely asking for the check, present the coupon to make things just a little easier on both you and the server.

Tip the Server on the Whole Bill

Tipping is a sore topic in the restaurant industry, especially when it comes to using coupons. Some people assume that they don’t have to tip the server on the whole amount. However, this is improper coupon etiquette. Assuming the server has provided exemplary service, you will want to determine what tip you leave them based off the amount of the bill before the coupon was taken off.

Don’t Brag About It

While you might be extremely thrilled that you are saving money on your favorite restaurant by using a coupon from RewardIt, the truth is the whole restaurant doesn’t need to hear about how you are using a coupon or saving money. When using a restaurant coupon don’t become boastful or loud about using the coupon, just present it to the server and let the topic drop. There is no need to shout it to the world.

Use these restaurant coupon etiquette rules to prevent you from encountering a potentially embarrassing and uncomfortable situation in the future.

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July 11th, 2012

Lauren Garrison


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