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Saving Money At Theme Parks


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Theme parks are great family vacation destinations. From kid’s rides to water parks for the entire family, there is often something for everyone to enjoy at a theme park. While theme parks bring excitement, they also often put strain on a family’s budget. So why start saving money at theme parks.

From arcade games to expensive food stands, theme parks are ripe with temptations and high prices to go along with those temptations. Here are three ways to save money during your next theme park visit so you can have an enjoyable family vacation without worrying about the family’s budget.

Make a Plan

A great way to save money at theme parks is to make a park visit plan before you arrive. This plan should include everything from how many rides you’ll visit, whether you’ll buy food in the park and more. By having this plan in place, you’ll more easily resist the temptation to spend as you enter the theme park. Also, share this plan with the entire family so everyone is on the same page with regards to what you’ll be doing throughout the day.

Find Coupons

Admission coupons are regularly offered for most theme parks. By finding these coupons, you can visit a theme park for a majorly reduced cost. From free admission for kids to half price admission for adults, any coupons you find will help you save money during your next family vacation.

To maximize your savings, complete online searches for coupons through Coupon Divas and RewardIt. Members of the RewardIt community are regularly rewarded for their online activities with Reward$ to redeem for the chance at great prizes.

Avoid the Food

Often, the biggest money pits at most theme parks are the food stands. From overpriced hamburgers to costly ice cream, each treat can add up to break your family’s vacation budget. If allowed, bring food into the theme park rather than buying lunch from a park food stand. Otherwise, time the theme park visit to eat breakfast or lunch before you arrive.

While theme parks are known for offering great family fun, they are also famous for being expensive. By finding admission coupons and by creating a theme park plan, you’ll avoid the money traps while having a great day with the family.

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July 13th, 2012

Lauren Garrison


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