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Don’t Make Your Own Soap, Just Buy It With Personal Care Coupons

Even if you are blessed with the talents of being creative and easily being able to make things Don’t Make Your Own Soap, Just Buy It With Personal Care Coupons. Many TV shows and news stories talking about various cost saving efforts recommend people start to make their own soap at home. While it might at first glance seem like it is saving you a lot of money, making your own soap can actually end up costing you more in time, energy, and supply costs than you might imagine. So Don’t Make Your Own Soap, Just Buy It With Personal Care Coupons

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If you are debating about getting involved with making your own soap at home, here’s is a look at the process involved, how much it might cost you, and other ways – that don’t involve making your own soap – that you can get soap for next to nothing.

The Soap Making Process

The soap making process is extremely complex. Not because of the list of ingredients, but because the time and energy involved in making soap takes a lot out of you. Here is a quick look at the soap making process.

The steps involved in the soap making process include:

  • Taking and melting the soap base in the microwave or over the stove
  • Adding essential bath oils or fragrances to the melted soap base
  • Mixing in optional colors
  • Pouring the products into soap molds

The Cost of Making Homemade Soap

The cost of making homemade soap can vary from several dollars, to $20. The cost will depend largely upon what type of soap base you purchase, what – if any – essential oils you put in, fragrances, colors, and the type of soap mold you use.

The various costs of purchasing the supplies for making soap include:

  • Soap base – $3-10 per pound
  • Essential Oils – $1-4 per ounce
  • Coloring – $1
  • Fragrances – $1-3
  • Soap Molds – $5-25

How to Purchase Soap Affordably

Making homemade soaps isn’t for everyone. If you have decided it isn’t for you that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to purchase soaps from a local retail or grocery store. Many people purchase soaps for pennies on the dollar. Their secret to purchasing soap affordably is the idea of using personal care coupons.

Why go through the hassle and fuss of making your own soap, only to find out you saved a few pennies in the end? Use personal care product coupons to lower the cost of your soap purchase. These coupons will save you time, energy, and money.

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July 23rd, 2012

Lauren Garrison


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